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why should you order from mr green as apposed to one of our competitors?

We purchase all of our produce the morning of your delivery. We only buy the highest quality produce to put in our boxes. We won’t cut corners mixing second grade produce to maximise our profits. Our reputation is everything to us so it has to be THE BEST THE FRESHEST in every single box that goes out to our customers doors day in day out. Our supplier relationships are second to none and after wholesaling for 10 years.

So what are you waiting for? Let us show you what a Home delivery experience should be like.

what are our delivery days?

We are currently delivering Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday in the metropolitan area however if demand for Saturday increases overtime that will be explored. If you have your order in by 5 pm Thursday you will receive it Friday. All orders placed between Friday and Sunday will be delivered Monday. If you order after 5 pm Monday you won't receive your order till Thursday

where is our produce stored?

That’s the advantage of using a service like our small business. We don’t stockpile any
produce we only buy the stock required direct from growers the morning of your delivery.

what are our our orders packed into?

Our orders are packed into to enclosed lid recycled boxes to ensure your produce is protected from the elements. To comply with our Chief Inspectors Movement from PIRSA we are now required to line all boxes with a plastic liner. We do use  bags where required although try to keep the usage of any unnecessary packaging to a real minimum, we also pack in bio degradable bags when a bag is required. However if your requirements are such that you would like your order in plastic bags don’t hesitate to let us know.

is there any delivery charge?

We have a $2.20 delivery fee for the Adelaide metro area for all orders $65 and above. This is to cover the high price of fuel and other delivery expenses 

if your order is less than $65 you will incur a $12.20 delivery & handling fee

how do you know if you are in our delivery area ?

Monday - Friday inner north and inner south suburbs Tuesday hills and eastern suburbs Wedn

what if an item is not in stock that's in our crates ?

Due to the current circumstances the market is very volatile and out of our control . We are doing our best to ensure that all of our crates have 100 % of items listed however if we are unable to supply particular items we will substitute products reflecting the same value.

wHat if your not happy with your order?

We guarantee all of our produce is of the highest quality and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee if your not happy please don’t hesitate to contact us on either contact Jennie on 0438 886 850 or Simon on 0422 303 961

how late can you place an order for next day delivery?

Cut off for next day delivery is 5 pm for next day delivery.

what if you are in self isolation?

Please let us know in the comments in our checkout area as we will deliver your goods and confirm your delivery has arrived via phone call and SMS of a photo where your order has been left we will not have any front door contact.

do our orders come with an invoice?

You will find a packing slip on the outer edge of the box to check things off within the box. This is also a tax invoice