Mixed Fruit/Vegetables Box - Basic (2 people)

Mixed Fruit/Vegetables Box - Basic (2 people)

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Mixed Fruit/Vegetables

Item Quantity
Carrot 1kg bag 1
Celery Half 1
Brown Onion ea 1
Continental Cucumber ea 1
Kestrel Potatoes ea 6
Baby Cos Twin Pack 1
Red Onion ea 1
Zucchini Medium ea 1
Round Tomatoes ea 3
Spring Onion Bunch 1
Mixed Colour Capsiciums ea 2
Corn Husks ea 2
Pears ea 3
Kiwi ea 2
Bananas ea 5
Pink Lady Apples ea 5
Oranges Navel ea 2

    Perfect choice for a couple with many options for saladhearty cooked meals and fresh fruit snacks.


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